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HELLO! Is it me You are looking for

From Chile to Australia

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Hola soy Claudia

among many things!

lets Go!!


About me

I love Design!

how lucky am I! Do what you love and love what you do

All the way from Chile

Did the big move in 2007 and geez! was the right decision :)


I love a good challenge, always try to do my best with what is given.

Team Player

You are only as good as the people around you, being part of the team is an important part for me.

Full of Energy

Maybe the latin blood, but I always have energy to share with the world

What do I like

Im a cat lady, gym aficionado, foodie, coffee drinker(the hipster kind), photographer, painter, doodler and so much more!


My process

Morning coffee!

AKA brain juice. This is an essential part of the day for every designer!

Meet with the stakeholder (client)

Having a chat to the client allow us to find out their goals, expectations, points of views, likes and dislikes and all the information and details to help us set the path.

Wireframe & Sketching Time!

Here is where the brainstorms of ideas start to come to reality, studying the best way for the target audience in order to make their user experience and interaction EPIC!

Mockups and Prototypes!

Here is where it starts to make sense all those lines are now full of interactive items, colours and images.

My video

Wanto to know more?

Download my Resume :) its a convenient PDF! click here